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GOAL CAMP: Episode 23

Marianne Meeder

Author and Mindset Coach

Carpe Diem! Mindset coach and author of the "Freak" series Marianne Meeder discusses how to strengthen your mindset during the mandatory quarantine. She says, "Even if we are locked in, you can free your mind". During this time we need to look out for others, be open about how we are feeling and share our concerns about the situation. We need to remember we are spiritual beings as well. We have power and it starts in your mind. 


As an added benefit, Marianne shares her insights on the Gluten Free lifestyle, and how that ultimately led her to some of her mindset principles. Embrace some of Marianne's ideas and you can influence your legacy and have a meaningful impact on your family, friends and future generations.

Listen to the episode here.

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