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Author, Executive and Keynote Speaker

For nearly 30 years, Derek Lott has worked for corporations in technology and retail. He has been an influencer at many different levels throughout his career. With initial aspirations for personal growth, Lott has bent his heart towards the growth of others. Lott says that the focus has to be how do we make the team better, evolving to care more about we, us and ours versus I, me and mine.


Admittedly, this hasn’t always been the case as Lott is blindly competitive, and he further admits that was a fault in the first few years of his career. He quickly learned that as we help others grow and achieve their goals, our goals become possible. Further, what we, as a collective, have accomplished is only enjoyed in the context of what we have done for others.



Lott first acquired his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and went on to graduate from Olivet Nazarene University with his undergraduate degree. A strong supporter of education, Lott has made himself an available resource to colleges and universities to join the challenge of empowering our future generations. Whether mentoring, lecturing or simply offering encouragement, he believes that education is not just a classroom pursuit but a lifelong pursuit.


During his time at Motorola, he had the opportunity to lead very early on. The skills of leadership and communication became critical for him. He learned the foundations of problem-solving and the Six Sigma way. He learned about coaching and developing teams as well as how to present effectively. Over the years, Lott has formulated his own thoughts on communication and key development methodologies. Coaching teams, mentoring others and countless presentations and speeches have led him to document his own philosophies and begin sharing them with others.


Recent Events 


I³ Symposium

The Power of You

The I³ Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida consists of speakers, authors, coaches and more! The panelists are professionals with personal experiences that are sure to inspire, innovate, and ignite you and those you invite to achieve their full potential for an amazing 2019!  Be prepared to discover ‘how’ to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, capitalize on lessons learned, be resilient, strengthen your mind and achieve your goals!​


I³ Symposium Jacksonville – The Power of You is Saturday, June 8th, 2019. Get your tickets today!

Recent Events

A little more about Derek...

There's more to me than Say It Well. I believe in God and that we are all created with a unique purpose that must be fulfilled.


I am big on family and friends.  These are the people that make my world revolve.  My two daughters Kayla and Kaitlin, my son David and my wife Kim are my treasures, and I am proud of them all!  Although I am frequently distanced from my extended family, the bond is not weakened by the physical divide.  My friends from high school, college and the ones I have met over my professional career know they have a direct line to me.  If it is in my power to help, I am ready and willing.


Music is a huge part of my life.  I love it, love it, love it, love it!  I play and write in my spare time.  I love to exchange music with friends and listen to different genres.  I must admit I am a house music fanatic. I came up in the mid 80's in Chicago when House Music ruled.  With that said, I can enjoy the full spectrum from classical to country.


I like to keep an eye on my health by exercising and eating fairly well.  Truth be told, I have a sweet tooth that I have to manage, but I am currently living a Vegan lifestyle that helps to keep the sweet consumption at bay.  I am one of the victims of the What the Health documentary.  In fairness, I do find some benefits from this animal product-free lifestyle, and I have become more educated on many things related to healthier living, such as appropriate vitamins, supplements, the best vegetables and fruits, etc.  I like to run a bit, I typically run a 9-mile event every year.  As a habit, I run 9-12 miles a week and do some light strength training.  I like to say, "Going to the gym is like breathing — I don't love it, I don't loathe it, I just do it."


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